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Ultra Kleans Tile & Grout Cleaning Process


Soiled Tile & Grout? Im sure you know the difficulty of getting it clean with the use of mops and brushes. Why is it so difficult to clean? First of all the mop method is an absorption method, so a percentage of what you are removing is sinking right back into those porous concrete grout lines. The second factor is cumulative residues. Cumulative residues come from cleaning solutions which over time have attracted soils making them difficult to release from the tiles and grout. If the grouts sealer is worn off or never applied to begin with it makes it more difficult to clean. When your floor reaches the point where it is not coming clean with general cleaning, it’s time for a professional cleaning


Step 1: Pre Inspection

Your floor will be pre inspected to check for damaged tiles etc.


Step 2: Pre Test

We will pretest to see if your tile is an absorbent type tile such as a marble/limestone or a nonabsorbent type such as ceramic or porcelain. We will also check to see if the grout lines have sufficient sealer already present.


Step 3: Pre Treat

Pre treat and scrub application of an emulsifier that is specifically designed for stone floors. This step also includes agitation of hard soiled grout lines.


Step 4: Steam extraction

Steam extraction cleaning with a special tile cleaning wand with rotating jets for the most thorough cleaning possible.


Step 5: Neutralize ph.

This step rids floor of any soil attracting residue that might be present leaving it in a state that will not soil rapidly.


Step 6: Application of sealer .

For maximum protection we recommend an application of a good quality sealer such as the one we have to offer.


Step 7: Speed drying

Speed drying of tile with high velocity fan.


Step 8: Post Cleaning Inspection

We will walk through the cleaned area with you and make sure you are thrilled with the cleaning results.


Tile Floor Maintenance Plan

Once your floor has been restored you will want to maintain it properly to keep it looking that way.

Follow the steps below to keep your floor in tip top condition.


Vacuum Floors

Vacuum tile floors on a regular basis with vacuum on the lowest setting.


Prompt cleanup of spills

Cleanup spills when they happen by absorbing them into a towel as quickly as possible.


Weekly Maintenance


1: Mop floors on a weekly basis with a neutral floor cleaner. Only use as much cleaning solution as needed to get your floor clean. Wet out floor with the solution. Let stand for five to ten minutes to loosen soils.


2: With the use of a wet vac or a mop, extract the solution. Use fans and open windows to speed up the drying process.


Additional Tips:


• Use entry mats to keep wet or abrasive dry soils from entering your tile areas.


• Use felt or Teflon tabs on the bottom of chair and table legs to prevent damaging you tile.


• If you have area rugs on your tile floor make sure you have a non-skid pad underneath for your safety. This pad will also keep the rug backing from scratching your floor.


Do NOT use ammonia or vinegar. These cleaning agents may have a negative effect on floor sealers. Cleaning agents other than a neutral cleaner may also damage your floor if you have natural stone.



*In six months from the time your floor has had its initial cleaning, I recommend having us repeat the steam extraction process for maximum benefit. Once you become a client of ours this second cleaning process will be offered to you at a substantial discount.