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Hardwood Floors Restored In One Day!

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Has your hardwood floor dulled over time? Have your hardwood floors gotten to the point where cleaning with a microfiber mop and hardwood floor cleaner will not restore your floor finish? Is there soil imbedded into the wood that is not removable?


We are the hardwood floor cleaning company that you need and can trust. We have been cleaning all types of wood for over 25 years. Recently we have introduced Tykote sandless and dustless refinishing into our cleaning company to serve you better. Tykote refinishing has been around since the 1970's and is the ultimate option to restore your wood floor. We're located right in Berlin, NJ, local to West Berlin, Clementon, Pine Hill & Sicklerville, New Jersey. If you are looking for the best sandless, dustless hardwood floor refinishing and cleaning company in South Jersey give us a call today!               




Over the last several years hardwood floors have been slowly replacing wall to wall carpeting. The beauty of a newly installed hardwood floor is certainly unique. One must realize though that there are advantages and disadvantages to any type of flooring. Among those disadvantages, just as carpets soil over time, wood floors become abraded, scuffed, and scarred. Eventually the urethane coating wears off completely. Soils that were once easily removable then become imbedded making it extremely difficult to remove with conventional household cleaning methods.


So what is the cure?


Floor inspection

To start, I recommend our floor inspection. This is free. This will determine what type of floor it is. We also will test your floor to see if any additives have been used on it. Over the counter products containing silicone and acrylics are major culprits in degrading your floor finish. These products are all temporary fixes and we would need to remove them. Once this floor inspection is done we then can discuss options to restore your wood floor.







What our clients

are saying...


Wow, great job. I never thought this old floor could look this good. I appreciate the fact that I could have access to it the same day too. You guys were on time and got the job done in the time frame that you said you would.

Thanks so much


Keif Simon
Lindenwold NJ


Awesome job. You and your crew were extremely courteous. My wife is thrilled over the fact that you did this without producing any dust. I'll recommend you to anyone that is in need of floor refinishing



Brian Hoffacker
Laurel Springs NJ


I'm amazed by the way my floors came out. I have tried many products from the store but they just weren't cutting it. I finally caved and called Ultra Klean and they made them look brand new in just one day! What a great cleaning comapny!




Valerie Tarus

Voorhees, NJ


Hey Brian,


"We loved the refinishing job. No dust or smell. A year later it still looks great."


Dan Procida

Waterford Works, NJ


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Option #1 Intensive Hardwood floor cleaning

The first option and always the first step in our Sandless dustless hardwood floor refinishing process is the intensive cleaning process. This process includes deep down scrubbing of your wood floor. The floor is then rinsed. The result is a floor cleaned thoroughly and rinsed of any residues. This process alone is sometimes all that is needed to restore the sheen of your wood floor.



Option #2 Clean & Refinish


Once the floor is cleaned and rinsed with the intensive cleaning process, we then can apply a maintenance coat of our floor refinisher. I highly recommend this rather than cleaning alone because every hardwood floor has been subject to some degree of wear. This process will restore worn off urethane finish. In addition it will prevent a messy floor sanding process. It revitalizes the finish making it more maintainable. This process will extend the life of your finish approximately three years. The main difference between this process and our Tykote process (below) is the life of the coating.


Option #3 TyKote Sandless dustless Refinishing


This is the ultimate option for restoring your wood floor is Tykote refinishing. The durability of our Tycoat street shoe process is unsurpassable. Tycoat was originally designed by Basic Coatings for gym floors during the 1970's. Basic Coatings are the pioneers in creating greener safer floor finishes. The process includes deep down scrubbing and rinsing of the floor. Next, a special bonding agent called TyKote is applied. The final step is the application of Street Shoe 275. Street Shoe is our most durable finish. It can last up to 10 years.



Gloss Levels Available With Our System


Satin Or Gloss





The above photos show two sheens that we have available. Although the floors are different you can clearly see satin is a low luster finish as opposed to gloss.


Note: Our three hardwood floor restoration processes are available for commmercial application as well as residential. All commercial facilities can be restored with our system, whether you are looking to clean your sports facility, restaurant, or any other commericial building. We are the hardwood cleaning comapy for you. We also offer maintenance contracts for commercial businesses.


Post Construction Cleanup

Restaurant Cleanup





Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What floors can benefit from the sandless dustless hardwood refinishing process?


A: Floors that can be restored with our sandless dustless hardwood refinishing process include solid wood floors and engineered wood floors. Laminate (floating wood floors) are restricted to our intensive floor cleaning process. The images below show the three types of hardwood floors.






Q: What is the difference between the traditional sanding process and the sandless dustless cleaning process?


A: Let me start by saying that a wood floor should rarely have to be sanded. The only time would be when the floor is peeling or when one wants to change the color. The next thing that must be understood is that engineered hardwood floors have different surface thickness levels. Some of these floors have such a thin surface that they’ll only be able to be sanded once or twice. The bottom line here is, maintain your floor and avoid the sanding nightmare whenever possible. I would now like to caution you about one additional thing if you do happen to choose the sanding option. Sanding is a critical process. If your floor is not sanded evenly it will not accept floor finish evenly, resulting in some areas glossier then others. The Tykoat sandless dustless process does not remove any part of the board. It cleans and rinses the floor thoroughly and then the bonding agent called Tykoat is applied. The Streetshoe finish is then applied making even long lasting floor sheen.



Q: What about dents and scratches?


A: Our process will cover most scratches. Any deep imperfections are also correctable with our special wood fillers.




Q: How long does this process take?


A: It takes only a matter of hours. Floors will be ready for foot traffic with socks in only five hours from the time the job is completed. Furniture can be returned in twenty four hours




Q: What about moving furniture?


A: We prefer that furniture is moved prior to our arrival. If this is not feasible, we can move furniture for an additional fee.



Q: How should I maintain my floor once it has been refinished?


A: Check out Hardwood floor maintenance schedule (below).



Hardwood floor maintenance schedule

Daily maintenance


Hardwood floors should be damp mopped with a microfiber mop and a good hardwood floor cleaner such as Squeaky cleaner every one to three days. Squeaky cleaner is available from us.


Intensive cleaning, Hardwood floor cleaning process


Periodically your hardwood floor will need an intensive cleaning. We recommend once a year. You as the home owner will be able to tell best when your floor needs professional cleaning. Contact us at that time.


Clean and refinish

When your floor is showing signs of wear such as many scratches and beep down scuffing that is not removable with your microfiber mop and cleaner, it’s time for a recoat. Contact us for the clean and refinish process.


Additional tips


Do not use over the counter products that promise to restore your floors shine


Please do not use over the counter products that promise to spruce up your floor. These products are only temporary fixes. They will wear off quickly and may add a haze to your urethane finish that might not be removable with your damp mop procedure. These products will also complicate things when you floor is due for a refinishing. Such products contain silicones and acrylics. Remember, nothing replaces that valuable urethane coating except a good refinishing.


Avoid deep scratches

Make sure to keep felt pads under chairs. Never drag any furniture pieces across a hardwood floor. Keep your pets nails trimmed if possible. These three things will reduce significantly the amount of scratches accumulating on your hardwood floors.



Advantages of our sandless dustless hardwood floor refinishing

Same day use of floors


The biggest advantage of our sandless dustless hardwood floor refinishing is that the floors are refinished in a matter of hours and ready for use the same day.


Low volatile organic compounds (VOCs)


We proudly use basic coatings products and water base low VOC finishes. These finishes will not release dangerous volatile compounds into the air of your home.


Dust free


This system is a no sand system, therefore no dust is created in this process. No dust will be found on any surfaces of your home.

Low odor


The Tycoat system is water based. It is extremely low in volatile organic compounds. This makes this process a low odor process.



The Tycoat process with Street Shoe Finish is one of the most durable floor finishes available today. It is a ten year finish.