We Steam Clean!


Dry Carpet Cleaning vs. Steam Carpet Cleaning

There are many methods of carpet cleaning currently available. It really doesn’t make sense to confuse you with all those methods of cleaning because there's too many to discuss. Every cleaning company will tell you their method is the best. Assuming that the old method of shampooing is dead which it basically is, I’m going to narrow things down a bit. In carpet cleaning there are basically two categories. Dry cleaning, and hot water extraction also known as steam cleaning. We at Ultra Klean, steam clean.


Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning methods are absorption methods. They absorb soils and stains into pads, powders etc. There is no rinse step involved in dry carpet cleaning. From my opinion it really should be called low moisture cleaning. Most dry methods of cleaning are still water based methods, being that most stains on carpet fibers are of water based origin. The highest regarded dry cleaning method currently is Encapsulation cleaning. Encapsulation cleaning is the use of rotating brushes, and a cleaning agent that contains a polymer. The cleaning agent is worked into the fiber and left to dry. The soil attaches to the polymer and then is extracted when the carpet is vacuumed. This happens to be the only method that the Shaw carpet mill recommends other then steam cleaning by the way.

Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning

Think of all the things that get deposited onto your carpet such as drink spills, pet urine, vomit, cigarette smoke, chemicals like pesticides tracked in from outside, and not to mention insects like fleas, and dust mites. Once you realize this I think you will agree that you would want all this cleaned, rinsed, and extracted off your carpets. Steam carpet cleaning is the only method that will remove all of this. Carpets actually act as a filter and trap a tiny dust particle known as filtration. Filtration is that ribbon of black soil that can be seen along the wall especially on light color carpeting. This is a situation that can only be rectified with a good steam cleaning system. The EPA is well aware of what collects on carpeting, that is why they recommend steam cleaning. Think of it this way, steam cleaning duplicates what your washer does, what better method of cleaning could there possibly be then to rinse and sanitize your carpet?