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Ultra Klean has been dealing with pet odors for almost 30 years. Serving all the countys in South Jersey. Camden County, Atlantic County, Burlington County, Cape May County, Cumberland County, Gloucester County, & Salem County. If Your looking for New Jerseys #1 pet odor removal specialist give us a call today for a free no obligation quote.



We Offer Three Pet Odor Treatments


1) Surface treatment

For minor odor situations I recommend our surface deodorizer treatment. This treatment treats the carpet only. It will effectively remove minor to moderate odors from the carpet itself.


2) Sub surface treatment

In situations where pet urine has gone through to the pad I recommend our sub surface treatment. This treatment treats the carpet and pad. The first step is to locate the soiled area. Next, a fast acting enzyme deodorizer is poured through and with the use of a device called a water claw, pet urine will then be drawn out of carpet and pad. The last step is cleaning and deodorizing the surface of the carpet. This is our most thorough deodorizing treatment without having to pick up carpet.


3) Pet Odor Restoration

Carpets alone are not the only thing that gets soaked by urine, replacing of it only, doesn’t solve the problem. This is why our most effective pet odor procedure is our pet odor restoration process. This process is over 95% effective . This procedure includes picking up carpet, removing pad and tackless stripping cleaning & deodorizing carpet front and back, Cleaning and deodorizing of floor and lower wall. Installing new pad and tackless stripping. This process is usually most suitable for a cat odor situation where damage is always in the perimeter of the room .



Why is pet urine such a dilema?


Let me start by saying, there is a big misconception. Most people think that pet stains and odors in carpeting will be removed in the carpet cleaning process alone. Sometimes they do but thats no always the case. Carpet cleaning by itself does not always eliminate the odors.


For example, if a large dog urinates on a carpet, in most cases it always seeps through carpet and into the padding, and in some cases even into the floor. Cats can do even more damage by soaking the carpet, padding, baseboards, tackless stripping and flooring. As you can see, the problem goes much deeper than the carpet itself.


What causes the odor?


This is a situation that is no different from the compost pile or septic system. It’s an organic contamination and any organic waste must decompose in order for the odor to be eliminated. In nature, decomposition needs water to go on with this process. When urine dries, there is no or very little water present. This complicates things, stalling decomposition. If you notice, on humid days pet urine contamination is more odorous. The reason is, it gets a drink of water. This sets off the bacterial process again, accelerating decomposition and increasing those unpleasant odors. The reason this happens is because urine salts are hydroscopic. This means they pull moisture. In summary, this is a long dragged out process if it’s left to decompose on its own. Therefore additional Pet stain & odor removal treatments are always necessary.


Are the pet stains removable?


In most situations, if we can remove the odor we can eliminate or greatly improve the stained area.


Whats the solution to all of this?


Enzymes, we have previously mentioned that pet urine in carpet fibers is in a dormant state, so what is the answer to its removal? Well, I recommend cleaning of the carpet to start with. Next, Enzymes are applied by saturating the affected area. So what are enzymes? Enzymes are a natural catalyst that speeds up decomposition. Millions of beneficial bacteria decompose the waste leaving nothing for the bad guy bacteria to feed off of. When the waste is gone the bad bacteria dies off and the odor is eliminated. This treatment is available by us or, if one prefers to tackle this on their own, see the section on Do it yourself pet odor treatment. Regardless of whom does the deodorizing process I highly recommend it be finalized with a good truck mounted carpet cleaning process.