Carpet Maintence Tips


The Most Important factors:



Vacuum every day in high traffic areas, once to twice a week in other areas. Choose a CRI approved vacuum cleaner with a beater bar, and a hepa filter. The hepa filter will keep small dust particles from escaping and ending up back into the air of your home.

Prompt clean up of spills

Remove spills when they happen by vacuuming up with a wet vac if one is available, or absorbing them into a towel. Finalize this procedure by dousing the area with water and extract again. If a stain still remains see our tips on stain removal.


Cleaning your air ducts

Dust is settling on you carpeting all the time. Have your ventilation system cleaned periodically.
See our section on air duct cleaning to find out when your air ducts should be cleaned.


Professional carpet cleaning

Periodical have your carpets professionaly cleaned with a hot water steam extraction system. Steam cleaning is needed to remove the small dirt particles and stains from carpet fibers. Most carpet mills require professional steam carpet cleaning in no longer than eighteen months from the time the carpet was installed. Some carpet mills will actually void the carpet warranty if this is not done.